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Advantages of Category 6

The need for speed.
With information throughput doubling at an exponential rate, the ‘need for speed’ is critical to your business. For many businesses, the undisputed performance advantages offered by a 200 MHz cabling system are well worth the investment.

Bandwidth – positive PowerSum ACR beyond 200 MHz.
This means around twice the nominal bandwidth of existing cabling systems. There are other benefits too: the Return Loss performance is enhanced, delivering assured support for high-speed bi-directional applications like Gigabit Ethernet.

Future proofing
When investing in your cabling system, you expect a return on your investment. Category 6 maximises your return on investment in data networks and ensures that they will support your business needs in future.

Budget now
If you have an allocated budget for your network infrastructure now – but maybe not tomorrow, Category 6 is the future-proof solution you’re looking for. Category 6 allows you to squeeze all the useful life out of your cabling system for as long as possible. This may be important if you are a University, College or a charitable institution who may not be able to carry-over budgets into a future financial period.

A long-term solution
For organisations currently considering Gigabit Ethernet, there are two options when you come to re-cable. The first is to extend the existing Category 5e network and hope the future upgrading of active equipment and software does not force another re-cabling too soon. The second, it to opt for category 6 in the knowledge that the available channel bandwidth has doubled.