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Key Features
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Avaya IP Office supports many endpoint solutions, so you can find the right one for today and tomorrow. Exclusively designed to deliver the benefits of Avaya IP Office, these terminal options cover every application. They are designed to help ensure that features and functions are easily accessible to the user so that you can get the most out of your system.

Avaya IP Office 20 Series Terminals: these digital terminals offer clear voice quality and features that improve productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. In the office or the call center, this series of terminals is easy to use, so it’s easy for your business to gain full advantage of your Avaya IP Office system. Included in the range is the 20DT cordless handset offering mobility in the workplace with access to the features available on the fixed terminals

Avaya IP Office 4400 Series Terminals: these display terminals offer clear voice quality with advanced digital interfaces and a range of programmable features for high-speed, high-quality communication in the home or office.

Avaya IP Office 4600 Series Terminals: these IP terminals offer clear voice quality, advance phone functionality, and added IP benefits that bring the advantages of converged communications to your business.

Avaya IP Office 6400 Series Terminals: these multi-line display terminals are specifically designed to provide the flexibility and features you need – clear voice quality and features that improve productivity and customer satisfaction.