What is Cat 6

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What is Category 6?

Unlike earlier cabling standards Category 6 is a 200MHz classification. The Category 6 standard is an integral part of the 2nd editions of the ISO 11801, TIA 568A and En5017. Initially there were only two parameters proposed for Category 6. These were that any Category 6 solution must use the existing RJ45 plug and jack format. The second was that the Powersum ACR must be positive to 200 MHz. As the standards have developed, additional parameters have been added. These standards continue to be developed and represent the pinnacle of performance for structured cabling systems.

The intention behind the Category 6 standard is to provide the state-of-the-art 4-pair cabling system. The different and more stringent handling requirements for Category 6 components demand additional training, even for installers well used to the demands of Category 5e installation practices. Time, care and a high level of technical expertise are essential when installing Category 6. Even slight variations in the termination of links can have a massive effect on the overall performance of the system. It is for these reasons, that it is essential to select an installer who has an existing track record of successfully installing Category 6. With the comprehensive backing of Molex, under the Certified Installer (CI) programme, SMT has the experience and track record you need to be sure that your Category 6 solution will perform for you now and in the future.