Choosing Cat 6

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The network is your business – and ours

  • Does it fully meet the Category 6 specifications?
  • Does the system meet all of the end-to-end channel performance parameters? Regardless of ambitious claims about top end frequencies – does it meet the standards?
  • Does each component in the channel meet the Category 6 connecting hardware specifications?
  • Are the components qualified to at least 250 MHz in both directions?
  • Are the outlets and modular cords backward compatible with lower performing categories?
  • Is the manufacturer able to provide independent test lab validations that their channel meets the proposed Category 6 specifications?
  • Does the manufacturer offer options for UTP, fibre, etc
  • Does the system offer a complete extended warranty that has coverage for products, installation and guaranteed support of advanced networking applications designed for operation over Category 6 cabling?
  • Test results. Make sure that the system has been independently tested. Ask for the test results and a copy of the certificate.

SMT install Molex’s Category 6 solution, PowerCat6, which has been

independently tested and certified for compliance by the international test house Delta Laboratories of Denmark. Delta has verified that PowerCat6 meets the hardware link and channel specification for the Category 6 standard. The Molex range is one of the first to achieve such independent verification. PowerCat6 not only meets the requirements of the standard but exceeds them on a number of important performance criteria, providing significant headroom for future expansion.