Key Features

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Key Features
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Key Features

Ideal for small to mid-size businesses, the scalable Avaya IP Office solution delivers advanced IP-enabled communication and contact center functionality with tools for effective management and applications for improved productivity, efficiency, and information flow throughout your enterprise.

Improved Business Efficency
Avaya IP Office can deliver real business efficiencies to help businesses manage costs and leverage their existing infrastructures because it can provide voice and data solutions in a single platform with central management options. The range of voice and data solutions it offers can support businesses in driving down costs and maximizing the effectiveness of their operations.

IP Telephony
IP telephony on Avaya IP Office delivers real world business benefits through both improved efficiency and decreased costs. Avaya IP Office enables businesses to adopt IP technology at a pace that is appropriate to their needs allowing hybrid working with more traditional telephony methods IP telephony has the advantage of allowing extensions to be deployed both locally and remotely through the use of routers or VPN services. IP Office supports both hard phones and PC-based soft-phones.

By fully supporting the H.323 standard, IP Office provides standards-based interoperability between systems and devices. Multiple IP Office systems can be linked together using a standard data network, providing feature transparency, and advanced applications such as centralized voice mail. IP Office delivers both an evolutionary and revolutionary offering. By delivering advanced VoIP functionality today, customers can buy IP Office as a traditional PBX, secure in the knowledge that they can step up to a pure IP environment when they want to – because it already delivers this functionality. Alternatively, customers can buy IP Office and implement it today as a pure IP system, taking advantage of the cost savings associated with a single communications infrastructure, as well as remote management and the applications that they require. (Back to top)

Home working Solutions
Remote Access through the Avaya IP Office allows non office based staff access to the business information available on your network. They can use desktop PCs, laptops or even wap enabled mobile phones to do this. The service is protected by an Integral Friewall to provide security and offers a facility for setting time profiles to ensure flexibilitiy and cost control. Avaya IP Office used for remote access is designed for the smaller business with non-traditional office arrangements. Across the range it can support from 24 to 100 simultaneous remote users which relates to a total community of from 100 to 300 remote workers.

The Avaya IP Office has an integral firewall which ensures security across the network. This can also be supplemented by using an encrypted password system (CHAP). The management and control of remote access is key and the Avaya IP Office puts the business fully in control. The ability to set time profiles offers the option of giving remote workers access to the network only when it is appropriate. The remote access application also offers options for dial-in so that location independent workers can access the network from a variety of locations whereas permanently home based staff could gain access from one specified number which can also be set as a designated dial back number for even greater security. The dial back option also allows businesses to benefit from the increased cost efficiencies enabled by centralised billing. Avaya IP Office is a converged voice and data platform offering a variety of applications using the remote access functionality not only gives remote workers access to the data features available on Avaya IP Office but also allows them to benefit from the voice applications such as integrated messaging and Phone Manager. (Back to top)

Internet Access
With the ability to support both dial up and direct leased line connectivity to the internet, the Avaya IP Office is ideal for a wide range of small businesses from those who use the internet for information gathering to those who are dependent on the internet to conduct their business. With an integral firewall and the ability to set time profiles Avaya IP Office Internet access provides inherent security and the ability to control costs.

Secure, high speed access to the internet is available across the entire Avaya IP Office range. Dependent on business drivers the Avaya IP Office can allow access to the internet in a variety of ways. Those businesses with lower internet traffic volumes can opt for the dial-up connectivity option through a TI or EI line. .For many SME businesses there is a requirement for constant internet access or even the ability to host a web-site. The choice for these businesses might be a direct leased line connection via a wide area network port which Avaya IP Office also supports. The management of your internet access is made simple with Avaya IP Office. The ability to define automatic adjustments in your company’s bandwidth means that you can make sure that the right amount of bandwidth is available for internet traffic when you need it and can be channelled elsewhere when you don’t. As companies become more and more dependent on the internet both for information and for business transactions, security is now a major factor. With its integral firewall the Avaya IP Office gives businesses the security they need from an internet access server to protect their network. (Back to top)

Multi Site Networking Solutions
If you have multiple offices with networking needs, IP Office can provide a complete voice and data communication and networking solution. Data networking features include Internet or branch-to-branch based routing, and the standards-based directory support for easy integration with your IT environment. There is a high degree of feature transparency for voice networking providing a variety of business benefits.

Aimed at smaller sites, IP Office delivers VoIP networking for up to 15 sites, and up to 250 users across those sites, with a high degree of feature transparency. By supporting Voice over IP (VoIP) with full Quality of Service, multiple sites can be networked together, providing a consistent, seamless system that users simply use, no matter where they are located. Using the combined voice and data networking infrastructure, together with central applications, such as Voice Mail Pro and eConsole, IP Office delivers substantial cost savings to customers. Voice calls can be dynamically allocated and even “bump” a multi-channel data transmission from one of its channels if the situation requires. Calls can be routed quickly and easily between sites, and companies can take advantage of Least Cost Routing to minimise their call charges, using their own data network to transport call traffic, and breaking out to the PSTN where the call is cheapest. By integrating IP Office with the INDeX and DEFINITY products, and supporting the same hand-sets, companies can implement a high level of functionality at their head office, whilst taking advantage of consistent handsets and applications across the enterprise, reducing training costs and call charges.
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Customer Relationship Management
Avaya IP Office provides a versatile solution for businesses wanting to deploy a customer relationship strategy. Whether your requirements are focused on full call center working or simply the need to improve the efficiency of small customer facing departments Avaya IP Offfice can help you to meet them.

Compact Contact Center (CCC) is the next-generation contact center solution for small and medium enterprises, providing managers with both historical reports, and real-time view of the call center activity. Tightly integrated with the whole of the IP Office portfolio, CCC has been designed to allow organizations to manage their customer facing department or contact center effectively and improve customer service. Scaling from 5 to 75 agents, IP Office CCC offers the ability for call centers and customer-facing departments of all sizes to benefit from the advantages of measuring key performance indicators. By reducing the average duration of each call, major efficiency gains can be made, typically resulting in a pay-back period of only a few months.

By focusing on management by exception, CCC enables busy managers and supervisors to concentrate on other aspects of their responsibilities. Call Center View does the work and only informs the supervisor when a problem has or is about to occur. The comprehensive and highly professional graphical reports can be run over any period of time, and provide a detailed view of all call center activity. The wallboard facility enables both fixed wallboards and pc-based wallboards to be deployed within the business, allowing managers to issue motivational and informational messages where they are most needed. CCC offers a full and comprehensive solution to the customer contact needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, by providing high-end contact center functionality, whilst retaining the ease of use and configuration that SME customers demand. (Back to top)

Compact Business Center is an entry-level management tool for small customer facing departments. It provides simple real-time and historical analysis for organizations who do business over the phone. Providing real-time graphs on up to three departments or hunt groups, and the entire system, managers can quickly what improvements might be made to improve their customer service. Aimed at small customer-facing departments, the CBC allows managers to quickly and easily identify any bottlenecks within the telephone system. The product is aimed at any business that deals with customers over the phone – from credit control through to lead generation. It provides graphs on real-time and historical information (up to 2 days) for up to three groups, as well as system-wide information on the operation of the system as a whole, and provides information of key business performance indicators, like lost calls, trunks free, agents free and queuing time.

Statistics can be further split into two categories i.e. incoming and outgoing calls. These figures can be displayed permanently both in a numerical format and as a percentage of the total calls (either inbound or outbound). The last 31 days of call activity is archived, allowing historical analysis of call volumes and key performance indicators, as well as allowing managers to compare performance today with previous days. Data is stored in a CSV format enabling the export of the data into a reporting application that supports the CSV format e.g. Microsoft Excel. This means that customers can use any reporting package they wish to, and are not constrained in the analysis of their data. (Back to top)

Increased Productivity
Avaya IP Office supports a range of applications designed to improve productivity in businesses. These applications can be deployed in varied degrees of sophistication to suit the requirements of individual businesses. (Back to top)

Voice Messaging
The Avaya IP OfficeVoiceMail Lite application allows detailed, confidential messages for individuals and Hunt Groups to be left and collected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When enabled VoiceMail Lite automatically answers your telephone when you are not available to take a call. Personal greetings can be recorded, providing confirmation that the intended recipient will actually receive the message.

VoiceMail Lite adds a key component to the IP Office value proposition – free voice mail. Providing 4 ports of voice mail (except on the IP401 where it offers 2 ports which is more than enough for up to 8 users), VoiceMail Lite can handle the requirements of small organizations – typically up to 40 employees.

Avaya IP Office VoiceMail Pro provides more advanced voice processing functionality for contact centers. It builds on the features and facilities offered by VoiceMail Lite and can be tailored to meet the individual needs of a business. Scaling from 2 to 30 simultaneous calls, VoiceMail Pro can handle the messaging requirements of small or medium organization. When used with a network of IP Office sites, VoiceMail Pro’s centralized voice mail feature enables a central voice mail system to handle all sites’ messaging needs. VoiceMail Pro allows for message handling for individuals or groups, providing information to callers, assisting the operator during periods of heavy call activity and more by including a powerful voice processing system and an easy to use graphical user interface – the ‘VoiceMail Pro Manager’. This application also allows VoiceMail Pro to dial back users, internally or externally, as soon as a voicemail message is left for them. It provides security, by prompting for a PIN code should a user wish to change their Forwarding or Follow Me number from an external telephone. The call flow can easily be customized, enabling customers to break out of a mailbox to speak to a receptionist or secretary. (Back to top)

Assisted Transfer allows transfer of a call to a destination, but allows the call to return to VoiceMail Pro automatically for other options should the called party be engaged, or not answer within a pre-determined time.

Personal Numbering offers users the ability to remotely turn their voicemail on or off, set their email forwarding , edit their call forwarding and follow me numbers. Together these actions provide a comprehensive Personal Numbering service for the user who needs to remain in contact regardless of their physical location. (Back to top)

Avaya IP Office PhoneManager brings the features and functionality only normally available on feature phones to the desk top PC of every user. It can deliver this through using the PC to manage the call and a traditional handset to take the call or through the IP softphone and a sound card in the PC.

The PhoneManager application offers control of the telephone terminal from the users PC. PhoneManager Lite and Pro both allow all employees to access the features and facilities only previously available to those working in call centers, or those companies deploying expensive, proprietary feature phones on every desktop. Using an analogue telephone or digital terminal, along with a networked PC on your desk, Phone Manager allows employees to take total control of their phone calls from their PC. . PhoneManager is available in three versions; PhoneManager Lite, PhoneManager Pro and iPhoneManager Pro.

For PhoneManager Lite and PhoneManager Pro, this is similar to the PC-based IP Soft-phone except that the conversation actually takes place via a standard telephone terminal rather than the PC’s soundcard. The IP Soft-Phone variant adds PC-based telephony via a sound card fitted on the PC and negates the need for a ‘physical’ phone. (Back to top)

IP Office Management Tools
An integral part of the IP Office solution, the Manager application provides a single point of management for IP Office, including applications. The Manager provides remote management facilities, off-line configuration, and is capable of managing any number of IP Office sites from a single location, all subject to user-specific permissions.

All IP Office solution components (phone system, router/firewall/DHCP server, Voice Mail and other applications) are easily managed through the IP Office Manager. The IP Office Manager is a Windows PC software application that connects to the IP Office system using TCP/IP. It can be on the same LAN as the IP Office, remote on the WAN, or connected via the Remote Access Server with either a Terminal Adaptor, Router or the optional Modem 2 package.Utilising a Windows graphical use interface, Manager provides a familiar, intuitive interface for both installation configuration and subsequent moves and changes. As with all IP Office application the manager is multi-lingual. This, coupled with the ability to use the application both locally and remotely, it is possible for a < customer with a global presence to manage any of their IP Offices from any country using their local language preference. Access to the manager is protected by passwords and definable user rights. This provides a secure yet customisable application that allows it to operate according to the individual users level of expertise. The IP Office Manager operates on copy of the configuration held either locally or on a network drive. Configurations are prepared and reviewed ‘off line’ before committing to the IP Office. This has the benefit of ensuring a backup copy of the system configuration is always available for disaster recovery. (Back to top)