Network Audit

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Network Audit
Cat5e or Cat6?

SMT Network Auditing

SMT provide a Network Auditing service for companies with old or legacy cabling systems or for companies that have acquired premises or businesses with existing network installations. Often these companies start with well-designed and manageable networks which may have expanded over time to become far larger and more complex than originally planned. Without detailed control of network changes, confusion over the precise structure and layout of the system can arise. As a consequence resolving problems or making changes becomes far more difficult than it need be.

SMT’s Network Auditing Service will determine the topology, location and status of all the component parts. And once the design of the network has been ascertained, then a new documentation and numbering system can be implemented to ensure future changes are easily traced. Whilst this is being done the entire network is checked for faults and worn components allowing for repairs to be carried out.